Enzo Biochem

  • Medical Laboratories
  • Farmingdale, New York

Compensation history

Top executives at Enzo Biochem received an average of $678K per person in annual compensation from 2007 to 2018.

Average pay of disclosed executives at Enzo Biochem

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We found 12 executives who work or worked at Enzo Biochem.

Elazar Rabbani

Enzo Biochem

Chief Executive Officer

Barry Weiner

Enzo Biochem

Chief Financial Officer

James O'Brien

Enzo Biochem

Executive Vice President of Finance

Dieter Schapfel

Enzo Biochem

Chief Medical Director, Enzo Clinical Labs

Bruce Dey

Enzo Biochem

Vice President of Sales, Enzo Clinical Labs

James Brien

Enzo Biochem

Senior Vice President of Finance

David Goldberg

Enzo Biochem

Vice President Corporate Development and Interim General Manager, Enzo Clinical Labs

Andrew Whiteley

Enzo Biochem

Chief Operating Officer


About Enzo Biochem

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      Health Services
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        Medical And Dental Laboratories
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          Medical Laboratories

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    60 Executive Blvd, Farmingdale, New York 11735
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    July 31