Curtis Lockshin

Xenetic Biosciences

Chief Scientific Officer

Annual data


In 2017, Curtis Lockshin earned a total compensation of $877.8K as Chief Scientific Officer at Xenetic Biosciences.

Ranking8,997 out of 13,682

Curtis Lockshin's 2017 compensation ranked 8,997th out of 13,682 executive pay records tracked by us this year.

Lockshin earned more than 34.2% of all executives tracked by us in 2018.

Industry groupDrugs
Ranking950 out of 1,547

In the industry group of Drugs, Lockshin's pay ranked 950th out of 1,547 executive pay records tracked by us in 2017.

Lockshin earned more than 38.6% of executives in this group.

Option Awards$625,316

Lockshin received $625.3K in option awards, which accounts for 71.23% of total compensation.

Lockshin also received $250K in salary and $2.5K in other compensation.