Alexander & Baldwin reports 2018 executive compensation

CEO Christopher J. Benjamin receives $3.5M

Alexander & Baldwin reported fiscal year 2018 executive compensation information on March 11, 2019.

In 2018, six executives at Alexander & Baldwin received on average a compensation package of $1,390,348, which is about the same as previous year.

Average pay of disclosed executives at Alexander & Baldwin

Christopher J. Benjamin, Chief Executive Officer, received $3,479,433 in total, which increased by 19% compared to 2017. 57.59% of Benjamin's compensation, or $2,003,838, was in stock awards. Benjamin also received $268,504 in bonus, $509,768 in non-equity incentive plan, $665,000 in salary, as well as $32,323 in other compensation.

James E. Mead, Chief Financial Officer, received a compensation package of $1,702,435, which increased by 56% compared to previous year. 52.31% of the compensation package, or $890,554, was in stock awards.

Lance K. Parker, Executive Vice President and Chief Real Estate Officer of A&B, earned $1,372,794 in 2018, a 38% increase compared to previous year.

Nelson N. S. Chun, Chief Legal Officer, received $881,236 in 2018, which increases by 3% compared to 2017.

Meredith J. Ching, Executive Vice President, External Affairs of A&B, earned $771,660 in 2018, a 18% decrease compared to previous year.

Diana M. Laing, Chief Financial Officer, received $134,531 in 2018.