FC Global Realty reports 2017 executive compensation

CEO Dolev Rafaeli receives $3.4M

FC Global Realty reported fiscal year 2017 executive compensation information on October 25, 2018.

In 2017, four executives at FC Global Realty received on average a compensation package of $1,390,214, a 6% increase compared to previous year.

Average pay of disclosed executives at FC Global Realty

Dolev Rafaeli, Chief Executive Officer, received $3,372,065 in total, which increased by 86% compared to 2016. 96.69% of Rafaeli's compensation, or $3,260,307, was in salary. Rafaeli also received $111,758 in other compensation.

Dennis M. McGrath, Chief Financial Officer, received a compensation package of $1,028,983, which increased by 27% compared to previous year. 94.30% of the compensation package, or $970,284, was in salary.

Suneet Singal, Chief Executive Officer, earned $977,500 in 2017.

Stephen Johnson, Chief Financial Officer, received $182,308 in 2017.