Professional Diversity Network reports 2017 executive compensation

CEO Maoji Michael Wang receives $1.2M

Professional Diversity Network reported fiscal year 2017 executive compensation information on October 15, 2018.

In 2017, three executives at Professional Diversity Network received on average a compensation package of $633,555, a 259% increase compared to previous year.

Average pay of disclosed executives at Professional Diversity Network

Maoji Michael Wang, Chief Executive Officer, received $1,248,200 in total, which increased by 15720% compared to 2016. 74.36% of Wang's compensation, or $928,200, was in option awards. Wang also received $320,000 in salary.

James Kirsch, Chief Executive Officer, received a compensation package of $337,261, which decreased by 2% compared to previous year. 100.00% of the compensation package, or $337,261, was in salary.

Jingbo Song, Chairman, earned $315,205 in 2017.