Antony A. Riley

Krystal Biotech

Chief Financial Officer

Annual data


In 2018, Antony A. Riley earned a total compensation of $278.2K as Chief Financial Officer at Krystal Biotech.

Ranking7,899 out of 8,301

Antony A. Riley's 2018 compensation ranked 7,899th out of 8,301 executive pay records tracked by us this year.

Antony A. Riley earned more than 4.8% of all executives tracked by us in 2018.

IndustryBiological products (no diagnostic substances)
Ranking83 out of 84

In the industry of biological products (no diagnostic substances), Antony A. Riley's 2018 pay ranked 83rd out of 84 executive pay records tracked by us.

Antony A. Riley earned more than 1.2% of executives in this industry.

Option Awards$174,600

Riley received $174.6K in option awards, which accounts for 62.77% of total compensation.

Riley also received $103.6K in salary.