Central Pacific Financial reports 2018 executive compensation

President A. Catherine Ngo receives $1.1M

Central Pacific Financial reported fiscal year 2018 executive compensation information on March 8, 2019.

In 2018, six executives at Central Pacific Financial received on average a compensation package of $558,443, a 4% decrease compared to previous year.

Average pay of disclosed executives at Central Pacific Financial

A. Catherine Ngo, President, received $1,074,715 in total, which increased by 5% compared to 2017. 40.62% of Ngo's compensation, or $436,539, was in salary. Ngo also received $320,000 in non-equity incentive plan, $299,994 in stock awards, as well as $18,182 in other compensation.

David S. Morimoto, Chief Financial Officer, received a compensation package of $623,859, which increased by 8% compared to previous year. 48.64% of the compensation package, or $303,462, was in salary.

David W. Hudson, Executive Vice President Community Banking, earned $463,091 in 2018, a 8% increase compared to previous year.

Arnold D. Martines, Executive Vice President, Commercial Markets, received $460,164 in 2018, which increases by 8% compared to 2017.

Blenn A. Fujimoto, Executive Vice President Consumer Lending & Wealth Management, earned $442,224 in 2018, a 1% decrease compared to previous year.

Paul K. Yonamine, Chief Executive Officer, received $286,602 in 2018.