Palo Alto Networks reports 2018 executive compensation

CEO Nikesh Arora receives $125.1M

Palo Alto Networks reported fiscal year 2018 executive compensation information on October 22, 2018.

In 2018, seven executives at Palo Alto Networks received on average a compensation package of $24,095,290, a 319% increase compared to previous year.

Nikesh Arora, Chief Executive Officer, received $125,068,836 in total. 51.99% of Arora's compensation, or $65,022,367, was in option awards. Arora also received $206,548 in non-equity incentive plan, $155,768 in salary, $59,684,001 in stock awards, as well as $152 in other compensation.

Mark D. McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer, received a compensation package of $14,356,271, which increased by 38% compared to previous year. 86.83% of the compensation package, or $12,464,907, was in stock awards.

Mark Anderson, President, earned $9,627,646 in 2018, a 47% increase compared to previous year.

Lee Klarich, Chief Product Officer, received $9,215,642 in 2018.

René Bonvanie, Chief Marketing Officer, earned $5,851,471 in 2018, a 80% increase compared to previous year.

Kathleen Bonanno, Chief Financial Officer, received $4,266,645 in 2018.

Steffan C. Tomlinson, Chief Financial Officer, earned $280,519 in 2018, a 93% decrease compared to previous year.

Palo Alto Networks' fiscal year ends on July 31.