Walt Disney reports 2018 executive compensation

CEO Robert A. Iger receives $65.6M

Walt Disney reported fiscal year 2018 executive compensation information on January 11, 2019.

In 2018, six executives at Walt Disney received on average a compensation package of $18,572,282, a 38% increase compared to previous year.

Average pay of disclosed executives at Walt Disney

Robert A. Iger, Chief Executive Officer, received $65,645,214 in total, which increased by 81% compared to 2017. 53.85% of Iger's compensation, or $35,352,327, was in stock awards. Iger also received $18,000,000 in non-equity incentive plan, $8,270,976 in option awards, $2,875,000 in salary, as well as $1,146,911 in other compensation.

Christine M. McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer, received a compensation package of $11,839,750, which increased by 32% compared to previous year. 44.76% of the compensation package, or $5,300,000, was in non-equity incentive plan.

Kevin A. Mayer, Chairman, earned $11,620,376 in 2018, a 38% increase compared to previous year.

Alan N. Braverman, General Counsel, received $10,419,530 in 2018, which increases by 23% compared to 2017.

M. Jayne Parker, Chief Human Resources Officer, earned $6,808,045 in 2018, a 34% increase compared to previous year.

Zenia B. Mucha, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, received $5,100,779 in 2018.

Walt Disney's fiscal year ends on September 28.