James D. Rine

UMB Financial

President and CEO of UMB Bank, n.a

Annual data


In 2018, James D. Rine earned a total compensation of $898.3K as President and CEO of UMB Bank, n.a at UMB Financial.

Ranking7,733 out of 10,751

James D. Rine's 2018 compensation ranked 7,733rd out of 10,751 executive pay records tracked by us this year.

Rine earned more than 28.1% of all executives tracked by us in 2018.

Industry groupCommercial Banks
Ranking371 out of 850

In the industry group of Commercial Banks, Rine's pay ranked 371st out of 850 executive pay records tracked by us in 2018.

Rine earned more than 56.4% of executives in this group.

Non-Equity Incentive Plan$278,875
Stock Awards$187,387

Rine received $396.2K in salary, which accounts for 44.10% of total compensation.

Rine also received $278.9K in non-equity incentive plan, $187.4K in stock awards and $35.9K in other compensation.

James D. Rine's Pay$898,286
Median Employee's Pay$58,775
Pay Ratio15 : 1

For fiscal year 2018, the annual total compensation for James D. Rine was $898,286 and for the median employee at UMB Financial was $58,775. The resulting ratio of James D. Rine's pay to the pay of median employee was 15 to one.