Honeywell International reports 2018 executive compensation

CEO Darius Adamczyk receives $19.2M

Honeywell International reported fiscal year 2018 executive compensation information on March 14, 2019.

In 2018, six executives at Honeywell International received on average a compensation package of $8,676,507, a 25% decrease compared to previous year.

Average pay of disclosed executives at Honeywell International

Darius Adamczyk, Chief Executive Officer, received $19,246,604 in total, which increased by 17% compared to 2017. 49.68% of Adamczyk's compensation, or $9,561,215, was in stock awards. Adamczyk also received $595,082 of change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings, $4,100,000 in non-equity incentive plan, $3,185,655 in option awards, $1,571,154 in salary, as well as $233,498 in other compensation.

For fiscal year 2018, the median employee pay was $66,749 at Honeywell International. Therefore, the ratio of Darius Adamczyk's pay to the median employee pay was 288 to one.

Timothy O. Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer, received a compensation package of $9,133,205, which is about the same as previous year. 50.15% of the compensation package, or $4,579,898, was in stock awards.

Krishna Mikkilineni, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Information Technology, earned $7,842,687 in 2018, a 8% decrease compared to previous year.

Mark R. James, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Security and Communications, received $7,026,646 in 2018.

Thomas A. Szlosek, Chief Financial Officer, earned $6,203,404 in 2018, a 18% decrease compared to previous year.

Gregory P. Lewis, Chief Financial Officer, received $2,606,493 in 2018.