Alan Edrick


Alan Edrick received an average of $2M in total compensation, including $377K in salary, at OSI Systems from 2007 to 2018.

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We found eight more executives who work or worked at OSI Systems.

Deepak Chopra

OSI Systems

Chief Executive Officer

Ajay Mehra

OSI Systems

Executive Vice President of the Company and President of OSI Solutions Business

Victor Sze

OSI Systems

General Counsel

Mal Maginnis

OSI Systems

President of Rapiscan Systems, Inc

Pak Chin

OSI Systems

President of Security Division

Nicholas Ong

OSI Systems

President of Healthcare division

Manoocher Mansouri

OSI Systems

President of Optoelectronics and Manufacturing division

Anuj Wadhawan

OSI Systems

Chief Financial Officer


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