Howard D. Elias

Dell Technologies

President, Global Services & IT

Annual data


In 2017, Howard D. Elias earned a total compensation of $13.1M as President, Global Services & IT at Dell Technologies.

Ranking348 out of 13,187

Howard D. Elias' 2017 compensation ranked 348th out of 13,187 executive pay records tracked by us this year.

Elias earned more than 97.4% of all executives tracked by us in 2018.

Industry groupComputer And Office Equipment
Ranking8 out of 106

In the industry group of Computer And Office Equipment, Elias' pay ranked 8th out of 106 executive pay records tracked by us in 2017.

Elias earned more than 92.5% of executives in this group.

Option Awards$1,653,424
Stock Awards$10,706,191

Elias received $10.7M in stock awards, which accounts for 81.75% of total compensation.

Elias also received $379.2K in bonus, $1.7M in option awards, $338.5K in salary and $19.1K in other compensation.