John S. Hartman

Asbury Automotive Group

Senior Vice President, Operations

Annual data


In 2018, John S. Hartman earned a total compensation of $1.4M as Senior Vice President, Operations at Asbury Automotive Group.

Ranking6,091 out of 10,821

John S. Hartman's 2018 compensation ranked 6,091st out of 10,821 executive pay records tracked by us this year.

Hartman earned more than 43.7% of all executives tracked by us in 2018.

Non-Equity Incentive Plan$436,500
Stock Awards$349,967

Hartman received $600K in salary, which accounts for 43.00% of total compensation.

Hartman also received $436.5K in non-equity incentive plan, $350K in stock awards and $9K in other compensation.