Joseph H. Jordan

Domino's Pizza

Executive Vice President, International


Annual data


Non-Equity Incentive Plan$227,934
Option Awards$213,037
Stock Awards$307,158

In 2018, Joseph H. Jordan earned a total compensation of $1,812,366 as Executive Vice President, International at Domino's Pizza.

Jordan received $639,237 in other compensation, which accounts for 35.27% of total compensation.

Jordan also received $227,934 in non-equity incentive plan, $213,037 in option awards, $425,000 in salary and $307,158 in stock awards.

Joseph H. Jordan's Pay$1,812,366
Median Employee's Pay$19,077
Pay Ratio95 : 1

For fiscal year 2018, the annual total compensation for Joseph H. Jordan was $1,812,366 and for the median employee at Domino's Pizza was $19,077. The resulting ratio of Joseph H. Jordan's pay to the pay of median employee was 95 to one.