Marc D. Powers

Home Depot

Executive Vice President - U.S. Stores


Annual data


In 2015, Marc D. Powers earned a total compensation of $10,791,940 as Executive Vice President - U.S. Stores at Home Depot.

Ranking439 out of 13,574

Marc D. Powers' 2015 compensation ranked 439th out of 13,574 executive pay records tracked by us this year.

Marc D. Powers earned more than 96.8% of all executives tracked by us in 2018.

IndustryRetail-lumber & other building materials dealers
Ranking3 out of 29

In the industry of retail-lumber & other building materials dealers, Marc D. Powers' 2015 pay ranked 3rd, among 29 executive pay records.

Marc D. Powers earned more than 89.7% of executives in this industry.

Non-Equity Incentive Plan$783,794
Option Awards$4,773,859
Stock Awards$3,089,317

Powers received $4,773,859 in option awards, which accounts for 44.24% of total compensation.

Powers also received $783,794 in non-equity incentive plan, $665,385 in salary, $3,089,317 in stock awards and $1,479,585 in other compensation.