John Deere

  • Farm Machinery and Equipment
  • Moline, Illinois

Compensation history

Top executives at John Deere received an average of $7M per person in annual compensation from 2008 to 2018.

Average pay of disclosed executives at John Deere

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We found eight executives who work or worked at John Deere.

Samuel Allen

John Deere

Chief Executive Officer

Rajesh Kalathur

John Deere

Chief Financial Officer

James Field

John Deere

President, Worldwide Ag & Turf Division Global Harvesting & Turf Platforms, Americas & Australia

Jean Gilles

John Deere

Senior Vice President, John Deere Power Systems, Worldwide Parts Services, Advanced Technology & Engineering, and Global Supply Management & Logistics

John May

John Deere

President, Agricultural Solutions and Chief Information Officer

Michael Mack

John Deere

Group President

David Everitt

John Deere

President, Agricultural Equipment Operations

James Jenkins

John Deere

General Counsel


About John Deere

  • Industry classifications
  • Division
    • Major group
      Industrial And Commercial Machinery And Computer Equipment
      • Industry group
        Farm And Garden Machinery And Equipment
        • Industry
          Farm Machinery and Equipment

  • Address
    One John Deere Place, Moline, Illinois 61265-8098
  • Phone
    (309) 765-8000
  • Fiscal year end
    October 28