Céline S. Dufétel

Price T Rowe Group

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Annual data


In 2018, Céline S. Dufétel earned a total compensation of $3.8M as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Price T Rowe Group.

Ranking2,460 out of 10,741

Céline S. Dufétel's 2018 compensation ranked 2,460th out of 10,741 executive pay records tracked by us this year.

Dufétel earned more than 77.1% of all executives tracked by us in 2018.

Non-Equity Incentive Plan$2,000,000
Stock Awards$1,200,071

Dufétel received $2M in non-equity incentive plan, which accounts for 53.27% of total compensation.

Dufétel also received $350K in salary, $1.2M in stock awards and $204.7K in other compensation.