Davis O. O'Connor

Centennial Resource Development

Vice President and General Counsel


Annual data


Non-Equity Incentive Plan$360,566
Stock Awards$1,550,105

In 2018, Davis O. O'Connor earned a total compensation of $2,392,993 as Vice President and General Counsel at Centennial Resource Development.

O'Connor received $1,550,105 in stock awards, which accounts for 64.78% of total compensation.

O'Connor also received $90,142 in bonus, $360,566 in non-equity incentive plan, $375,680 in salary and $16,500 in other compensation.

Davis O. O'Connor's Pay$2,392,993
Median Employee's Pay$130,761
Pay Ratio18 : 1

For fiscal year 2018, the annual total compensation for Davis O. O'Connor was $2,392,993 and for the median employee at Centennial Resource Development was $130,761. The resulting ratio of Davis O. O'Connor's pay to the pay of median employee was 18 to one.